Lukas’ Bio

Lukas Renaud was born in Montreal, Qc. Canada on January 6th,2004. He started to play hockey at around 5, but did not like to play as a player. He wanted to please his dad, who was obviously disappointed… he said that he liked hockey and would play but as a goalie. When he got in net, he never looked back – he had found his first love!

At our house, sport is a religion, so Lukas played many sports, such as baseball, football and soccer at a competitive level with Florida Fire as a defenseman for many years. He plays golf on a regular basis which would be now, his second sport. He trains off ice every week and he alternate between cross-fit and boxing which he particularly likes.

In Elementary school, Lukas tested gifted, so he is very successful in all his classes at the honor/gifted level. As of now, in his Freshman year, he has a 4.1 GPA and got a score of 1140 on his PSAT. He has a strong discipline with school work and studies. He knows that good grades are the key to more ice time.

He loves the game but he is also aware that progress will be achieve through hard working practices. He us in average 10 hours a week, on the ice and he is always ready for more.

Lukas is bilingual, he speaks French, his first language and English, of course. His height us average for now, but his doctor estimate his mature height anywhere between 6’2”and 6’7”, his 20 years old brother is 6’8” and was about his height at his age. In College, he would like to study in Law.

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